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kAUAI opens up April 5 with negative Covid-19 test

To help  meet guest demand as travel evolves, we’ve created an enhanced cleaning protocol in partnership with health experts. The  protocol includes a five-step cleaning process, room-by-room checklists, and more.
We will be using the right disinfectants, washing our hands with sanitizers, using protective equipment and  ventilating rooms with fresh, clean air.

Our cancellation policy is: If the government or the airlines prevent your coming to Kauai without a 10 day quarantine we will either refund your payment or change your reservation dates to a later time.

New information is coming out about the coronavirus (COVID-19) every day, and we’ve talked with many of you who have been impacted personally or professionally.   The  Hawaii governor has now relaxed some restrictions,,,we are hoping this is only the beginning of "getting back to normal" and many more openings will be forthcoming soon.  The Governor Ige said  visitors are welcome to come if they take a Covid-19 test within 72 hours of boarding a plane and it is negative. (check with local authorities for children under 12).
Newest information
Our governor has approved that  Kauai can join the Safe Travels program again and allow visitors to come and stay if they have the negative Covid test within 72 hours of arrival. Please check the Hawaii and Kauai websitesVisit for the latest information.
Visitors are now able to come to Kauai with a negative Covid-19 test without needing to quarantine. 

Some airlines (United and Hawaiian) are offering tests at some airports and I believe more will begin similar programs. The airlines are updating their procedures and requirements regularly. Please check with your airline.
We recomment the Vault company for your test, at home, quick and only spit saliva in a tube.

    We hope you can come and enjoy all that Kauai has to offer.

  If the Hawaii government or the airlines prevent your coming we will offer to rebook your stay for a later date 

Please observe safe practices as we are doing here on Kauai.
Roy and Lina
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